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I recently gave my GMAT and scored a decent 740 ( Q50, V39, IR: 6, AWA: 6). Although, I could have done better but I must say that this score wouldn't have been possible without e-gmat great verbal sessions.

I started my preparation back in October 2015 in a similar manner as any GMAT aspirant would. I took up the Manhattan guides for the Verbal section and went through each of them properly. Following this, I gave my 1st GMAT Prep exam and scored a 740. I was happy and thought I was ready to take the exam. I had bought a KAPLAN guide for practice and their tests. I decided to give a few before making an appointment for GMAT. I scored a dismal 670 in my first test and after analysis of the same, I realised that I had got only superficial knowledge in Verbal section. I went online to review a full courses and ended up taking e-gmat Verbal online. Believe me, but that was one of the best decisions that I made in my GMAT journey. Their courses are very thorough and the supplementing articles are very informative. Their approach to understand the meaning first of any stem was essential and it proved very useful.
Their approach towards SC and CR was really very useful and although I think I could have scored much better, this score wouldn't have been possible without the kind of resources that e-gmat provided.

NOTE : Scholaranium is a very helpful tool to identify your weak areas and then target them.It is a very good tool for practice and improvement and it did help me a lot in some type of CR questions.

Kudos to you guys!

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Created by sdlife

March 31, 2016

congrats on the great score! How often did you give GMAT Prep and other Mocks?

Created by amithhem4u

July 19, 2016

How you prepared for verbal?? I am quite comfortable with quant section but verbal part is bothering me. Your advice on verbal would be a great help for me.
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