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Practice makes your GMAT exam score good


A common problem faced by many GMAT aspirants is the dearth of quality practise problems supplemented by good feedback once OG and official review books are completed. I was lucky that during my GMAT prep, e-gmat came with their scholaranium and I signed up for this course after checking the free trial.
GMAT is an exam which tests one's preparedness with respect to logic and stamina and scholaranium came handy to prepare me for the real GMAT since it allows custom made tests. It's custom test creator made it easy for me to work on my weak areas in SC and CR. Best part was that I was able to select questions from subsections from SC e.g. modifiers, pronouns etc which further improved my skill set in test taking conditions.
On top of excellent questions the post test feedback helped me cementing my concepts. I would sincerely recommend this wonderful course to aspirants.

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