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January 09 | 2016
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I came in with very high expectations and Wharton managed to surpass them. I was incredibly impressed with the caliber of my classmates and extracurricular offerings. Given the size of the program, there really is something for everyone and the toughest part is cutting things out of your schedule since no one has the time to be involved in everything they are interested in. I came in with an interest in impact investing and was very impressed with the efforts the school was taking to expand its offerings in the realm and to become one of the top b-schools for impact investing.

I was also surprised by the diversity of interests in the student body. Typically known as a finance school, Wharton has done a great job creating strong departments in other areas of business and a very large amount of students are now going into tech and entrepreneurship. Reputations are hard to change and Wharton will probably still be know for finance, but it is definitely a great school no matter what career path you intend to take post-MBA. The strength of the alumni network is incredible and the brand will open many doors.

About professors, classes and curriculum

As a whole, the quality of professors was not as good as I expected. However, the extracurricular and networking side of the experience is unparalleled in my opinion, and more than made up for this.

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Student body, diversity

Alumni Network


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Investment Banking



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Curriculum, Classes, Professors


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