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If you have been rejected or "dinged" by an MBA program and want to improve your chances going forward, we offer you a thorough review of your application. We will provide you with a written report and specific, personal feedback to ensure that you are on track to make your next application a success.

Ding review
May 15 | 2016
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I’ve worked with Katy for my “ding” review. As an HBS alum and an ex-admissions person, Katy really understands every detail of how an application will be reviewed by the school. She gives candid and insightful feedback on my application, some of which I’ve never thought about before. She doesn't impose her opinion, but works together with me to explore what is best for me. In the end, she has helped me make what I believe to be the best decision on how I should move forward. I recommend Katy to not only first-time applicants, but also reapplicants who want to sharpen their packages and start again.

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