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July 13, 2019

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New Horizons Hamburg


People in the test centre were super friendly and certainly deserved a 5 star rating.

However, the test center is located next to a large construction site and even though you get earplugs you still hear some of the work going on.

I hope this helps some of you, and I might update the review once I see that the cranes are gone.
The facility itself is decent, screens are readable and there are plenty of pens in case yours run dry.

So basically everything warrants a five stars rating, but as long as the construction noise distracts people I have to keep this one capped at 4.

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February 26, 2019

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Banglore Test Center Review


The test centre at Banglore was quite good with proper lighting, air conditioning, muffled sounds and a good computer system. It was a good experience giving GMAT at this centre.
The centre is located at a place which is easily reachable from any corner of the city and has a good environment. I felt optimistic when I reached the centre. Also, the chairs and table are ergonomic which makes the test-giving experience an awesome one. You will get a feeling that you can solve any question within time.
I will highly recommend this test centre for anyone. Just time your test well in advance as the booking is quite difficult to get sometimes.

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December 23, 2018

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1) Good number of invigilators
2) Helpful in accommodating your small personal items like bags in case you reach test center way before schedule time.
3) Noise cancellation headphones are available.
4) Storage drawers in sufficient numbers.
5) Located in rime location SOLITAIRE CORPORATE PARK; it has good restaurant and food outlet.

1) Lighting inside computer room may not be good enough for some people.
2) Computer screen brightness and contrast levels not proper.
nearby area is quite prone to traffic.
2) headphones are not comfortable to be worn continuously throughout the completion of one section.
3) Waiting area is way too small. Only 1 seat.
4) Park complex is quite big, so if somebody is short on time then he will not prefer a long walk from park's main gate to center gate.

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September 30, 2018

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MS Engg College Test Center


The test center was very easy to find inside the college. They provide earplugs and headphones. The check-in process was seamless and I found no difficulties.

The staff was polite. The restrooms and lockers were conveniently located. There was no A/C and the lighting was good. There were a few times where the power went off switching off the lights but no interruption to the exam. The light from the window was sufficient enough to get through that period.

The noise levels were very low allowing test takers to concentrate on the exam. There was the noise of planes flying in low altitude as this test center is very close to the airport but earplugs did a good job for me.

I would gladly retake the test here.

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June 26, 2018

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Good facilities no disturbance but Test center difficult to find


All the facilities are good.
Chairs are comfortable enough. Air Conditioner was also working fine. Staff was polite and supportive.
They will give one locker with key to everyone. You can keep your stuff in that.
This center is on the top floor of the building. There was no noise and disturbance from external sources.
Only concern which I felt was that toilet was not so good.
We have to use very low quality public toilet.
So basically I would recommend this test center for GMAT test takers in New Delhi.
One more benefit of this test center is that it is not so busy. I booked my test date just two weeks before then also I got weekend day for the test.

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January 16, 2019

Test Center Review Dwarka center

Hi Guys, I know there's a ton of hateful reviews about the Dwarka location here on and other places online. But 3 days back I took my test at the Dwarka center as there was nothing else available that day and it was my last date to take the exam prior to submission. I was nervous about how noisy the experience would be.

To my surprise, the center was in top shape, extremely quiet, clean. It has ONLY 6 cubicles, but there was no disturbance from outside or from any of the other test takers given all desks were full.

The test center owner was very nice, helpful, and maintained great discipline at the center.

The only negative was the bathroom, that was not clean, and there was NO toilet seat. But it didn't bother me. The toilet was a 10 second walk from the testing room. It was on the same floor as well.

So the good points
1) easy to find
2) easy to park
3) no noise, no disturbance, no noise of cars, buses or honking or gym. NONE AT ALL
4) clean, organized
5) disciplined
6) helpful owner
7) bathroom is a 10 second walk on the same floor

Bad point
1) dirty common bathroom
2) no soap in the bathroom
Suggestion- bring tissue paper with you

Overall experience - Excellent and if you dont believe me, go and check out the location beforehand. I am not related to the owners and I am an honest and unbiased test taker from Gurgaon

September 23, 2017

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Test Center feedback


This may help fellow candidates to choose the test center.
My last GMAT center was Compu'Train Amsterdam
Amsterdam, NLD. The place is located in a corporate park, near Bijlmer Arena close to ABN AMRO office. Little difficult to locate, as the buildings look identical, and most of the people working near by have no idea about it.
I must recommend to visit your test center location once before the exam, as I was quite panicked looking for it almost 45 min. and it will add to unnecessary stress before exam. Thank fully, the staff there was quite cooperative and understanding. The place is well lit, AC temp. was perfect, and absolutely no disturbance. They will assist you with ear plugs, scratch pad. The place has descent lockers, enough to accommodate a back pack and a bottle. The place has little refreshments and water kept outside in common area and washroom is close by, so you can get refreshed easily in 8 min time and can come back at desk. To add the place is close to metro station Biljmer Arena, so its well connected, just that you need to walk 10 min from station to this building, as I was not very sure, if the buses go exactly near this center, so preferred to walk.

Hope this helps.

All the best!


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May 15, 2017

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Good center


This is good test center. The rest rooms are near by but the Test Center staff were not really that helpful. They provide you all the information and are really prompt to provide you support. The test center I went is at Kormangala, is easy to access and is really clean.The systems there were old but working.But it does not have a good parking space. I have given the test here 1 time and I had not had any trouble in the Test center. There was some noise but the room temperature was perfect.I would definitely recommend this test center.

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December 26, 2016

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NTUC test center

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by school email address [?]

The location was not difficulty to find, it is hear the MRT station.
The staff are polite and respectful. The rest room is easy to find.
I took GMAT test at Pearson VUE as well in 2012, comparing to Pearson test center, the NTUC test center is less spacious and less privacy. the space for test takers are quite small, and you can clearly hear the keyboard sound from your neighbors who is typing... the environment noise is acceptable.

If possible, i would recommend Pearson VUE over NTUC test center, however, NTUC test center usually have more slots to select from.

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September 06, 2016

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GATS (Symphony 'C', Ashok Nagar)


I have been at this test center twice so I am quite eligible to write this review.
First of all if you don't know where exactly it is let me tell you. it's near E-square (university road).
Now about the exam center.
well they got around 5 computers there. so it's a small center. one thing about GMAT is that everyone starts at a different time and because of that you might going to have problem during the time when someone else would be typing their Essay. keyboards are mechanical I guess(not sure) so they are very noisy. also I don't find it vert easy to type although the quality of keyboards are good. about the screen it is okay. first time when I went to the center I was having difficulty focusing on it bc of my eye issues and bc the computer screen was a bit far and I don't remember but I guess it was fixed. 2nd Time tho' I moved the screen according to my need.
you might wanna take your jacket with you if you also carry it with you bc you find it too cold in office. (small room, only 5 computers. Remember? so AC is quite cold sometimes)
Everything is handled as it is supposed to be handled. in the end you get your printed report if you do not cancel your score. However keep in mind that they're gonna ask you too submit a copy of passport and if you do not have it. you gonna have to walk or ride towards the university road (bc that's where the photocopy shop is) and come back again, so I recommend you keep a photocopy of your passport with you you get your own locker. Keep an energy drink or something with you to keep you active for the 2nd round. If you are from Pune this is pretty much your only option. luck 👍
Overall there is no problem with it and it's okay.

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December 24, 2018

Link to a detailed review:


November 08, 2012

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Malaysia test centre - Nice


Centre Name : Word Ware Distributors SDN BHD
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, MYS

City & Country : Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Very near to Kuala Lumpur

Parking facility : I travelled by Cab so I m not sure, but the location is very corporate strategic so should be okie.

Invigilator Reviews : Strict and good. More details below.

Environment : Nice

Rating 5/5 : 5/5

Debrief Link :

Do's & Don't s : NA

Additional Info : I went to the centre 3 days before during the office time to check how much time does it take. I took only the public transport. But if you check my debrief I was not in healthy condition so I took cab straight from my home. It did cost me much but I had no choice. I did notice the traffic condition during my test visit so I knew the traffic won;t be much higher.
My test was at 9 but I reached there around 7:30.

I did confirm what things I need to bring before my real test, even though I knew that for international test takers I need to bring my passport and Gmat confirmation. :) I paid 250 USD so I have the right to ask.

The test centre is bit hard to find as people over there confuse you where to do. So visit the centre before hand. The test centre is at third Floor in Block F. The company name is bit different. I think may be because of subsidiary names on the boards. I m sry I do not remember much details of it.

The rooms are quite and lockers & washroom are very near. Good thing is very few test takers actually take during the working days. There are around 4-5 pc and only two of us were giving the test. I was sick and I requested him to allow me to have some strepcils as an emergency aid. He denied. I said I will put in before I go inside? He said U can not put anything inside the mouth too.

I took God's name and went for the battle. My battle details you can view in my debrief.

You can message me if you need pointers or any help in Malaysia.

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September 17, 2018

Hello, this is the only post i found about malaysia gmat test taker, i am taking the test in late October....

Just out of curiosity, where did you end up for grad school and what are you doing now?

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