GMAC Exam Pack 1 Reviews

Exam Pack 1 integrates seamlessly with the GMATPrep software. Key features include:
  • 2 full-length computer adaptive practice tests* with answers (answer explanations not included)
  • Enhanced score reporting for all completed exams in GMATPrep Exam Pack 1.
    • The Quant and Verbal score report provides results by question type including, user score, mean score, and percentile ranking on each subsection.
    • The IR score report includes user score, percentile ranking and time management reporting.
    • Valuable time management reporting to gauge your pacing
  • Enhanced score reporting will also be available for free exams with the purchase the GMATPrep Exam Pack 1.
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October 29, 2019

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GMAT Exam Pack 1 Review


The exam is really accurate and gives the correct score of what you might get in the real exam, +/- 10 points. The analysis is a problem, I had to look for each incorrect question on the GMAT Club, it would if explanation is mentioned there only, or at least a link to the thread would suffice. Also I felt that questions were king of repeated after 2 tests, so basically give the first 2 tests with full preparation, since after that, you cannot be sure of the score, if questions are repeated.
These tests should be taken seriously and not be treated as normal practice mocks, since they give the actual level where you stand with respect to your preparation.

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September 10, 2019

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Mock Tests (practice tests)


The test provides an amazing insight on the current level of your performance. I suggest that one should go through all the answers that are available in this forum.
If one starts practicing the test at the same time as their actual gmat, it would be really useful. if one can match the test conditions , then an actual feel of the exam can be felt.

This practice test is the closest it can get to the real one. Its adaptive like the real test. My friend who took the gmat said that the score variation with this exam and the actual is at max 10 points.

So yea, its an amazing product

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April 25, 2019

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Most close to the real test


I have given GMAC Pack 1 test with little to no preparation after years of gap with my MBA dream.

I am very good at maths and average with Verbal. Nevertheless, I did a very bad job at Maths and as always an average to low score for Verbal.

I was astonished with my results and was heart broken. I thought atleast the 1st test would be simple and give me confidence. However, I was put down with the score recieved. But, My Point here is atleast it has given me the right score that would help me to focus on my weak areas and gear up for a better score next time.

Now, I am working on my mistakes and started tmy preparation with a stringent plan to crack the GMAT. Although, its very tough with a full time job.

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June 24, 2018

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I have purchased the GMAC exam packs 3, 4 ad 5, 6 last year. Now that the format changed, I was told that I can place a request for new codes for online access of the same exams.

The download versions are in the 75 mins test format.

I have my test in about a month. Even after 6 reminders, 3 phone calls to GMAC i haven't heard from them or no appropriate response about providing codes to the new format. I am worried as I invested my money and now stuck because I cannot make a new purchase. I am eagerly waiting for GMAC's response still.

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November 25, 2017

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Most accurate test


The gmat exam pack 1 is the most accurate representation of the actual gmat. The pack 1 was like giving the gmat. Exam pack 1 test 1 is slightly harder in quants compared to test 2. Atleast that is what i feel. Overall the rc sc cr are very gmat like. Especially the gmat actual exam verbal is a bit different that the verbal offered by many gmat test companies but gmat prep verbal = actual gmat verbal. Reviewing gmat prep efficiently can increase your score by 30 points atleast. The question type and traps present in the actual gmat are very similar to gmat prep exam pack 1

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January 01, 2017

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GMAT Prep Exam Pack 1


I purchased the gmat exam pack 1 just a few ndays before my test, it has 2 full length test. The questions difficulty level is just like the real exam test and the score is also within 20+- span with the real exam. my real exam score was same as the second exam exam 4 of the exam pack and just 20 points more than that of exam 3 of the pack. The questions and the test experience is very much like the real exam, but the analysis and review options of the exam are not very strong and no explanation is available for the answers so deducting a star for that. Anyhow all the answer's explanation could be found on gmat club, thanks to the club it helped me prepare better.

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August 19, 2016

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750 Q50 V41

Best Tests But Poor Analytics !


I used the exam pack 1 and exam pack 2 for my preparation. They are definitely the most accurate indicators of how you will do on the actual GMAT. My actual score was within ten points of my mock score during both my GMAT attempts. However the biggest problem with these tests is that they contain almost no analytics. Average time per question type and average time by question content is provided but that is too broad a classification. It would be really great if the software let us see time taken per question . Another minor issue is that the percentiles on the software do not reflect the current percentile tables. For example a Q49 is listed as the 83rd percentile whereas according to the latest data it is 79th percentile. The reviewing system is also not smooth. Content wise these are obviously the best tests in the market but GMAC could do a lot more to address the other issues such as insuffient analysis.

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May 15, 2016

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Best Test Prep


These are the best practice tests you can take - which should be obvious since they're made by GMAC. They are the best representation of the pacing and progression of the real test and my scores on these tests most consistently matched my actual test performance.

If you do this, I also suggest you purchase the other exam pack. It's equally as good and just helps provide more practice. I always think for these tests the more questions you see, the better. I don't remember how much these cost, but they are definitely the most valuable practice tests and should be the first materials purchased.

I took a couple tests early in my studies as a benchmark, then moved to other sources (Manhattan, Magoosh), then finished up with the two or three I had left the week before my test to solidify timing.

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