October 23, 2020

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Vantage Point made all the difference in my applications


When I first completed my consultation with Melody and Katie, it was clear that I still had a great deal to discover about myself and my professional aspirations. At the time, I had only a vague understanding of my career goals as well as what schools I wanted to apply to. But that uncertainty soon changed.
I was paired with Katie because she had familial ties to the military and picked up very quickly on the terminology and lifestyle I was preparing to depart. She worked extensively with me by first getting a better understanding of who I am at my core in order to shed a humble and encouraging light on the skills I bring to an MBA program. Doing so also greatly enhanced my ability to develop a narrative of my life thus far and materialize a clear trajectory of where I want to be 10 years from now.
Beyond the clear benefits that Katie and Vantage Point provided to improve my applications, I also genuinely enjoyed our conversations together. It never once felt like just a hired service, but a friend I could lean on to help tackle some major life decisions. If you too feel like you are shakey about how to approach your MBA applications or still trying to grasp the "why" behind doing so, Vantage Point is a must.

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