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Alex Will Help Tell Your Story - Excellent Consultant


As an older, non-traditional applicant and someone who knew very little about MBA program admissions process, I wanted to get help to ensure I put together the best application. I have done several free consultations and Alex stood out – he listened, didn't rush the call, and gave me more personalized feedback than other consultants. Alex recognized an opportunity to take seemingly random facts in my background and create a passionate and compelling application. I believe this is truly Alex's gift – helping bring out your story and express it in the best possible way.

Alex is definitely a strategist and will help identify and recommend how to best position your strengths and address your weaknesses. He will help clarify your career goals and express it in inspiring yet realistic way. With that said, you have to be ready for a lot of self-reflection and a lot of thought into who you are. Alex will not be a substitute for detail-oriented and tactical tasks and you will own your application, but you will get answers every step of the way. Alex is responsive to emails and has also provided plenty of phone call time.

I would recommend Alex to anyone, and especially to prospective students who may not have a traditional pre-MBA background. Alex offered his help to me when numerous other consultants did not want to put the extra effort in seeing beyond cookie-cutter check boxes. Many of those consultants advised me to target schools in the top 10-15 range.

Not only did I end up getting admitted to a few M7 programs, I received fellowships and significant tuition assistance. I could have not done this without Alex's guidance, help, and simply encouragement to push harder.

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