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Verbal Live Prep - Excellent Verbal Course


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Rajat Sadana

Location Online

After giving GMAT couple of times, I was clueless as how to increase my verbal score. After lot of efforts my verbal score didn't improve. In the meantime, I read about e-GMAT - a course for natives. Out of curiosity, I decided to attend the free session for SC. It was something I was really looking for. I was so impressed with the SC free session that I decided to attend the free CR and RC session. After attending the session, I got the confidence that I can still improve in Verbal section. I enrolled for Verbal Live prep. The best thing about the course is the explanation.

SC - After going through the SC course I realized the importance of meaning. The explanations, the LIVE sessions are really worth attending. All the concepts required for the GMAT are well covered and I feel more confident while solving SC questions. My accuracy improved from 50% to ~85% but more importantly I eliminate answers for a specific reason. Thanks e-GMAT for helping me out.

CR - Critical reasoning was one of my strengths, but after attending the prethinking session, time required to solve the CR question went down drastically. e-GMAT CR course provides a systematic approach, which is required to be successful in GMAT. I hope this approach will really help me to save time, which I can use for other difficult problems.

RC - This is the section that troubled me the maximum. However, the method of reading the passage (as explained by e-GMAT) has helped to understand the passage better. If I need to tell in terms of percentage improvement, RC will stand first. I still need to improve my accuracy and timing to get my desired score in GMAT.

I will be writing my exam in ~15 days from now. I hope I can improve on RC and excel in SC and CR to get a score in the range of ~38-40.

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