January 07, 2014

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E-Gmat course again!


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Shraddha Jaiswal

Location Online

I had selected the e-GMAT team in 2012 to help me with my GMAT prep. Unfortunately, I was unable to secure a higher score at that time. I was so impressed with the course though that I sought their help when I retook the GMAT in 2013.

The verbal component of the course is just phenomenal. I particularly needed help on sentence correction and I went through every page of Manhattan guide but returned as confused as I was in the begining. The course's focus on the essential part of Verbal section is rather than explaining grammar is what makes it better than the rest.

The continuous enhancements the team undertakes to make the course more relevant is commendable.

Lastly, one thing that not a lot of reviews speak about is the IR section that the course provides. The concepts are explained in a methodical and easy to understand manner.

The Live prep sessions held every weekend provides students with an excellent way to resolve their doubts with the teachers.

If you are looking to enhance your verbal score look no further than e-GMAT.

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