March 30, 2014

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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Rajat Sadana

Location Online

In my preparation for GMAT, I was struggling on Verbal. I had even taken classroom courses from leading India coaching institute, even though I did not seem to get the verbal fear out of my mind. My score tends to be around 25.
This is when I came across e-GMAT. I did take a few free tutorials from them and found this to be interesting.
I first purchased the verbal online from them and instantly hit off of with SC session. Now the concepts which I have been trying to understand for last 3 months started to make sense.
The first strategy session from Rajat was very good and helped build up a study plan. The emphasis on focusing on your strength was a very good reminder of the common mistakes most engineers do. Thinking that Qunat is easy for them, they ignore it and I was doing the same.
Soon I upgraded to Verbal Live prep. The live sessions are very helpful. They further help in cementing the concepts and few tricks which are covered there help build the necessary skills to effectively tackle the GMAT like questions.
Intially, I had difficulty following the process and used to think of the e-GMAT process as lengthy and time consuming. But as I started to do more and more practice, the process started to help solving even tricky questions and that too within stipulated time.

Practicing e-GMAT’s process more helped me in improving my hit rate. The number of correct answers increased as I started using their concepts and methods. Their stress on giving importance to meaning of the sentence in SC questions, breaking the argument in CR questions, pre-thinking, forming a logical structure etc really helped in the process of elimination.

The way e-GMAT has divided the whole SC and CR into small concepts is very good for structured learning. It helps you to find out your weak areas and improve on it before moving to the next concept. The video / audio is very good. Audio worked wonders for me. I used to re-listen to all the concepts which helped in strengthening the concept more.

The IR Section is very comprehensive too.

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