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Great Verbal course


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Shraddha Jaiswal

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I would like to thank E-GMAT team for writing this wonderful verbal course. The SC course is ubdoubtedly top notch and broke down the SC section in clear crystal concepts that are easy to remember. I wish I dedicated more time to studying using E-GMAT course beucase E-GMAT offers a lot more than I can take/remember. The E-GMAT spent so much time in setting up live sessions that are complementary to the course and I know the staff really listen to the concerns of the students and answer patiently. Towards the end of my study, I actually asked to renew my course because I want to go through the concepts again as part of my final revision. Thanks E-GMAT for providing great motivating tool to conquer verbal for non native speakers.

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