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e-GMAT Live Prep


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Rajat Sadana

Location Online

e-GMAT live prep GMAT preparation course, especially sc course is comprehensive, participatory and structured. I am a non native speaker. Although my vocabulary and grammar were strong,I was unable to handle sc and many a time confused between two options, and hence got delayed.I lacked clarity why I should eliminate one and pick the other. Here, e-Gmat taught me to see through clauses/meaning, and simplify and structure my approach to deal clearly and hence, speedily.
In cr, pre-thinking initially looked dull. Later, with practice, it steers clear and quick to correct answer.
Throughout, Verbal live prep shall keep you engaged, activated and growing. Live sessions are magic moments: very nice and interactive .Scintillating responses from different participants including you, across the globe is a feast to the eye, and shall keep you curious all along.
Thanks a lot Rajat,Payal and other e-GMAT team.

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