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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Rajat Sadana

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I gave my first GMAT exam in May,2015 and got a dismal 630(Q48 and V 28).I was pretty dejected .I made a study timetable and decided to give one more shot at the exam in September,2015. Ended up with a 670 ( Q48 and V34).I decided not to give up and apply to B schools with the score I had. I applied to only 3 colleges, since I wasn't confident with my score and in the end did not even receive an interview call from any of them. In February,2016 I got a wake up call when my friends from college and work ended up with admits. I decided to give GMAT one last shot. My senior from office recommended this course.He told me this course works like magic and it had helped him score a 700 last September.I registered for the course(Verbal Live Prep). I was inspired by Rajat Sirs video and decided to approach the course in a disciplined manner.I followed their schedules and gave my exam in June,2016.I ended up with a 660( Q47, V34). I had too much pressure on me.I had told all my friends and relatives that I was giving the exam in June.I came back pretty devastated. I knew I could have scored higher but the pressure had reduced my output. I decided to give the exam till I succeed and keep this decision candid. I Went through all the videos again. Practiced problems based on the e-GMAT approach and gave the exam again in July,2016 .This time I wasn't stressed since there was no pressure on me so could perform well.I ended up getting a 720(Q48, V41).An improvement from V34 to a V41. I would like to thank all the e-GMAT tutors for their effort in creating a magic formula for success in GMAT verbal. The main mantra of the course is "Unlearn first your current strategy and then learn the e-GMAT style of problem solving". Although this sounds pretty simple, it will easily consume a months time to imbibe the method and make it part of your DNA. Rajat Sadana is a magician who likes to help his students get a good score.

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