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Hi Folks!! I am Zuri, from India, in my first attempt I scored 550 on GMAT 42 in quant & 24 in Verbal, I had used manhattan SC guide, Powerscore CR bible along with OG. These are amazing resources, especially SC guide which has an extensive list of rules that come in handy in identifying the flaw in sentences. I was able to get through with the easy & some medium level questions. However, I couldn't get many hard level questions right & when I saw a sentence which was too long and/or fully underlined, i would be kinda demotivated, which would bring my morale down because I felt SC was the easiest section for me in verbal. I would take more time for CR as well, especially assumption questions & boldface. RC was a nightmare, even in my preps & the actual GMAT I wouldn't have enough time to finish all my verbal questions, so I made it a point that for one of the RC passages I would guess & mark the answers so that i can match the time to answer all the questions.
I decided to try e-gmat Verbal Live Prep because I had seen some reviews about this Verbal course as the best for non-natives. After going through the SC course, I was overwhelmed. The 3-step process is an eye-opener. After understanding the meaning of the sentence & applying the steps in the right away i was able to reduce my "takt time" or turnaround time for every SC question and also I could get most of the even hardest questions right. Its a very comprehensive course covering all the concepts to the depth.
CR course with emphasis on logical structure, prediction, ABC test, negation test, variance test is very strategic & helped me to counter assumptions & most difficult CR passages with ease & save a lot of time too. Finally I could get a hang over RC as well with the systematic reading strategies in the RC course. RC was the most difficult section for me and now I can boldly face it with active reading. The live sessions were very useful with very friendly instructors having great insight & amazing expertise in that particular area. Live session Recordings were also very useful for me as I could go through it whenever required, many times. For every question/query, I could find answers within the exhaustive question banks/blog & also found quick responses from instructors whenever needed. Verbal workshops were accurate predictors of our stand. I have not taken my GMAT again yet, I see a score improvement in my verbal though, in manhattan prep tests i could score 34-36 & in GMAT prep test I could score 32 in a consistent manner, which helped me touch 640 in manhattan & 610 in GMAT prep tests with only verbal score improvement and same quant score. I had also enrolled for two other major GMAT Prep courses as well & attended some free sessions from other courses too and from my experience E-gmat Verbal Live Prep Is the best I can suggest for anybody looking for a breakthrough in GMAT Verbal.

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