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I have taken the e-GMAT course twice and I am going to take the course once again. I have decided that this will be last time I will be taking the GMAT,so want to be sure that I will be using all approriate and useful resources. I have highlighted the things I like and dislike about the course. Please keep in mind this is only my opinion.

Without a doubt the SC part of the course. I have found this the best part about the course. The course proceeds by analysing the meaning of every sentence,although I would say focus on grammar too,but for most sentences you will find meaning trumps everything and grammar becomes a subset of it.

The RC technique is very practical,but please keep in mind that you have to apply these techniques. You may learn the theory here,but I would say practice and practice.

I like the CR pre-thinking part that they teach,but again CR has to do a lot with practicing in the right way,otherwise this will kill your time. Try to learn the pre-thinking part from the course.

Things I didnt like

The Interface for sure- I took this course earlier when they had the older interface. I found it simpler and easy to use. I am in India and the net is not that fast,I get tired of sometimes seeing the circle going round and round before the page finally loads.

SC will trump everything else in the course. Rest is good practice.

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