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Course e-GMAT Online Intensive

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E-GMAT worked beautifully for me. I had no test taking background, but it did not take me long to get really good at SC, CR and RC using the E-GMAT modules. In my experience, I did much better when I meticulously followed the course structure; If you have the time, don't cut corners, I saw that a negligence towards the RC section of the course instantly resulted on a poor performance on test day. My second attempt was a direct result of practicing E-GMAT RC and using scholaranium to perfect ability.
The ability quizzes are great in terms of their measurement of section- based readiness. Take them routinely, especially if you haven't touched a topic for a while. Unfortunately for me, they introduced the Official Guide Scholaranium just as I took my attempts. This also seems super interesting, purely because OG explanations can be really bad sometimes, and applying the E-GMAT framework to most question types makes for a more structured approach to the solution, had it been present when I first started out, I definitely would’ve made it my only directory.

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