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This review is for: e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep
Location: Online
Taught by: Payal Tandon

Hello everyone, I'm a Verbal Live Complete member of e-gmat and want to share my experience with the site's content. Although I have not succeeded in improving my verbal score immensely, I will still recommend this course to anyone who is vying for 30+ score on Verbal. Here is what to do and what not to do while going through its content.
1. Don't jump from one topic to another unless you are done with almost all the official questions for that topic. (OG12, OGV2 and GMATprep questions)
2. Don't change your strategy for doing CR/SC while going through the explanations of OG or any other official source. This deviates you from the approach e-gmat suggests.
3. Don't just attend the live session and feel good about your understanding, in fact repeat it with the recording in the same week. This will help you in noticing the minute things, that you might not have noticed while attending the session live prior to that.
4. Don't rely completely on the gyan you get from live sessions or the concept files. Its ultimately your effort and understanding of the concepts that will benefit you.
5. As Payal says, understanding the meaning of the sentence is top priority in SC. In order to achieve the same, get into the habit of reading at least 1 FT or NYtimes article a day. In fact, read it twice, once for getting the structure of the article and then for the structure of sentence's used. I know its cumbersome but it pays rich dividends in the end.

I will post some other views about e-gmat as I'm going to go through all the files once again in a few days.

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