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Best GMAT Course for Non-natives


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I am from Indonesia, so English is definitely not my first language. I knew from the beginning that I would struggle in verbal. Having an accounting background and experience working with math, I believe that Math is something that I can handle (though math in GMAT is not 100% math, I am sure your ability working with math will help you to solve the problem faster). So I joint Kaplan course here in Jakarta.
Sadly it was not enough, BOOM I got 530 on my GMAT test. The verbal score was a low 20 (I don't event want to mention the exact score) while the math score was pretty satisfying: 46.

I did not let my self down too long, I decided to jump in again. I bought SC & CR Manhattan books. Read every pages in detail. Tried to do mock every week. But I still didn't see a good improvement. Then I read about e-GMAT in Beatthegmat and Gmatclub, they said it is the right course for non-native. Nothing to lose, I registered the free-limited course from e-gmat. Surprisingly, I really really like the way of every videos explains about the problem and material. They did not show a tips and trick or shortcut but how to understand the problem, the real root cause, and step to approach the problem. All are packed in a simple and very detail way, perfect for non-natives. I also found it to be much more easier to understand the material by watching the video rather than reading books or joining class, because you can always repeat if you don't understand, and you can even email them to ask a difficult problem. Then I purchase the Verbal Online Course, and I am so great I did so. I did not realize that the approach to learn GMAT for non-native and native should be different, but yea, it makes sense!

For non native, I think you can go to other course such as Manhattan after you finish e-gmat. It works much better, because now you have an understanding about GMAT problem, not memorising or even guessing through shortcut. So these course will complete you as you also try different style of problem. That what I experienced my self. I understood Manhattan after completing e-gmat, even though I have read the book before taking e-GMAT.

My score improve from 530 to 650!!!
and the most important one, my verbal score improve to 32!!!!!

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