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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I gave GMAT on 25th May and got 750 ( Q49 V42 IR6 AWA 5.5). It was my first attempt.

I started my preparation seriously from mid Jan '16 after dabbling with the official guide for a month. I gave a GMAT Prep test (one of the two free tests from GMAC) and got 690. I set my target at 720+ and found that I needed to sharpen my Verbal skills to reach that. In the next one month, I finished the Manhattan SC and CR guide. However, my scores refused to cross 700 except on the rare occasion and Verbal was averaging at 35. During this time, I heard of e-GMAT from one of my friends who had a similar target for GMAT as I had. He was already a subscriber and after looking at a couple of tutorials of e-GMAT, I subscribed.

My review of e-GMAT is based on SC tutorial and scholaranium. I did not use the CR and RC tutorial. CR was one of my strong areas and I personally believe RC needs more hands on practice than learning from theories.

The SC concepts in e-GMAT are simply brilliant. I could have bought this course just for modifiers, verbs and parallelisms alone. The quizzes at the end of each concept were really helpful in ingraining the concepts to my brain. I also loved the one pager summary slide. I used them exclusively on the nigh before my exam to brush up the concepts.

I practiced CR from scholaranium and I felt that level of e-GMAT was slightly higher than the real exam. I think if someone is scoring at 80% accuracy in e-GMAT moderate levels of CR then the real GMAT CR should not be too tough .

I did a few RCS from scholaranium and they were good. However, I did RCs mainly from the official review books.

I felt my GMAT exam had tougher verbal and easier quant than my expectations. And this is where my practice from e-GMAT helped me. When I saw verbal score, I immediately knew whom to thank.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the excellent GMAT Club tests that came free with the subscription. I would however advise not to focus on the score of the GMAT Club tests too much and instead focus on improvement.

All in all, no matter verbal is your strength or weakness, you will find this course to be extremely useful increase your score significantly. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

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