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I am non-native English speaker and my GMAT journey started close to a year ago. Due to a hectic schedule at my workplace, the journey to the finish line kept on getting delayed. I had attempted a few mock tests in the early stages of my preparation scoring 680 (Q50, V33) and at that point of time I was bewildered on how GMAT questions seemed fairly tricky to answer particularly in the verbal section. Besides, the study material provided by the regular GMAT prep companies had tons of rules that one had to go through that was quite a mundane process to follow. Even if you read through the book entirely, absorbing it and applying it to questions seemed like an inefficient process for the time invested in it. My friend introduced me to e-gmat course and it seemed to address some of those pain points immediately.

My quant was always strong, and CR and RC were average, SCs just didn't come to me intuitively and I had to put a lot of effort in ensuring my accuracy improves. But each time I would come across an SC in the middle of tests or reading, I would feel relatively less confident and thereby end up affecting my overall verbal accuracy and scores. Videos provided by e-GMAT made them a whole lot of fun. There were in appropriate bite sized chunks that can be watched and absorbed immediately. There were quite exhaustive in nature and you didn’t need another source to clear your concepts if you felt stuck at something. I found the practice of making notes either in a note that you can carry or an online platform extremely helpful. Though I prefer the handy notes, making notes while you go through the videos is an extremely effective way of improving retention.

One of the key features of the course is how it made me believe that there is a method to tackling every question type like there is in quant. It’s not necessary subjective or intuition based as a candidate might feel in early stages. Scholaranium comes with an “ability” evaluation technique that tells where exactly you stand in a particular section or all sections combined. This has been a very useful tool for me as I was able to do targeted practice for areas I was faltering on.
I could really resonate with what I was being taught in the courses, for e.g. strategy "to get immersed" has immediate benefits to how you Tackle RC. I even used the note making approach during RCs quite regularly and was thereby able to get ALL my main point and structure questions right. Trick lies in being able to internalize the strategies being taught. The course does a very effective job at improving your level for the time and effort invested in it.

As I reach the end of my preparation. I have seen significant score improvements on my mock tests which hopefully I will be able to translate into test day performance. I think structured practice guided in the right direction can tremendously help candidates and that’s what course is enabling, the study plan also gave me a way to hit the ground running once I made up my mind.

Thank you e-GMAT and hopefully, I was able to help a few of you get some clarity around your preparation strategies. Will write a detailed debrief post my GMAT.

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