January 12, 2014

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Liza Weale is a MBA LIFE SAVER!


I can't say enough great things about mbaMission and Liza Weale. mbaMission not only helped me get into the school of my dreams but it also helped my husband to be get into the school of his dreams as well.

Liza is just simple amazing. When you are speaking with her, she is completely focused on you and your goals. She is extremely responsive via email whenever you have any questions - which is a big deal for me. She is also adaptive and customizable in her approach. For example, she had given me some advice about how to take one of my essays. I decided to go against it and do something completely different and she was not only supportive but still extremely helpful.

To me, this whole process of writing your applications is extremely vulnerable so you want someone who is invested as much as you are and cares about you. Liza is exactly that.

Even when I got into schools, you would think that they would be done the process but Liza was just excited for me as I was for myself about getting in. She is even helping me look into writing programs because I want to improve my writing before I attend school.

Overall, I don't say I enjoy the process of writing MBA application but Liza made it manageable and made it so much easier.

Her greatest strength is her ability to coach you through the process.

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