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Pearson VUE
November 12 | 2012
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     By icaniwill 169 55

My appointment was in the morning at 9:45. I arrived at 8.30am. The check-in process was smooth and only took few minutes. Even though I was very early, they let me start immediately. The receptionist and proctor were all friendly and know everything about the test. They gave a run through of all procedures. Water cooler and restrooms are close. They have large lockers so that you can stow away backpacks or personal belongings.

The test experience was smooth. The environment was noise free. They provide you with both ear plugs and headphones. The proctor gave me additional pens even without me asking for them.

The only con I would say is when the proctor is taking other candidates, you will have to wait for a min or two, before he comes to you. You need plan accordingly. I raised my hand even before I submitted the last question of a section.

Overall, my experience with the center has been great and highly recommend it.

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