September 06, 2016

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GATS (Symphony 'C', Ashok Nagar)


I have been at this test center twice so I am quite eligible to write this review.
First of all if you don't know where exactly it is let me tell you. it's near E-square (university road).
Now about the exam center.
well they got around 5 computers there. so it's a small center. one thing about GMAT is that everyone starts at a different time and because of that you might going to have problem during the time when someone else would be typing their Essay. keyboards are mechanical I guess(not sure) so they are very noisy. also I don't find it vert easy to type although the quality of keyboards are good. about the screen it is okay. first time when I went to the center I was having difficulty focusing on it bc of my eye issues and bc the computer screen was a bit far and I don't remember but I guess it was fixed. 2nd Time tho' I moved the screen according to my need.
you might wanna take your jacket with you if you also carry it with you bc you find it too cold in office. (small room, only 5 computers. Remember? so AC is quite cold sometimes)
Everything is handled as it is supposed to be handled. in the end you get your printed report if you do not cancel your score. However keep in mind that they're gonna ask you too submit a copy of passport and if you do not have it. you gonna have to walk or ride towards the university road (bc that's where the photocopy shop is) and come back again, so I recommend you keep a photocopy of your passport with you you get your own locker. Keep an energy drink or something with you to keep you active for the 2nd round. If you are from Pune this is pretty much your only option. luck 👍
Overall there is no problem with it and it's okay.

December 24, 2018

Link to a detailed review:


December 16, 2019

anyone who has recently taken test at GAT? can you please review

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