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Test center


I've passed several exams in this test center, including 2 GMAT tests.
Overall, the test center is fine: conditions are norm, staff is friendly. I would provide several recommendations for those who are going to sit exams in the center:
1) Ensure you have appropriate clothes. There is air conditioner and heater, but if you ensure that you have a piece of clothes which you can put on or off, it can make you feel more comfortable during the exam.
2) Use the earplugs. It can happen sometimes that you hear some noise, as the test center is located within a company’s office. In addition, there will be people sitting very close to you – you will hear how nervous they are and how they type. Earplugs will help you concentrate.
3) If you wish to be the first person in line (there most probably be other people passing exam together with you – overall there are 4 places available), come earlier.
4) Also ensure you have all the information looked up before the exam – the universities you want to send the report, etc. Also be sure to have read the instructions on official website (official application with 2 GMAT exams). Then you will spend less time and be able to use it for your purposes.

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