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October 31 | 2013
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Consultant: Daniel Richards

This service is worth every dime. I started out with a free 30-min consultation with Daniel. I used Manhattan GMAT for my GMAT prep course and was extremely pleased with my course material and instructor..and results :) When I saw that they partnered with MBAmission for consulting services I signed up! Daniel is awesome. It's reassuring having someone that knows their stuff talk you through the whole process. Specifically, when it comes to essays, this service is invaluable. After reading his comments and following his advice, my essay was so much stronger. Without question. I would definitely say the personal statement help is the most valuable part of this service. It really does make a HUGE difference. There are plenty of folks that freak out at the price and I get it. But there are certain things that I am willing to invest the money in. Getting into an awesome school is one of them.

Daniel also helped me prepare for a killer interview. The most useful component of the interview prep service was his ability to identify what key points i needed to cover during my interview. These are unique a specific to each person. He helped me identify mine so that I could leave the interview having added personal meaning to what is listed on my resume. It is really helpful to have an outside individual identify what these key points are for you and remind you not to sell yourself short. Daniel is just amazing. I was accepted into the perfect program---my target school. Daniel knows his stuff.

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