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July 09 | 2013
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I took the GMAT for the first time two months ago, after studying for 2 months with local teachers and scored 640 (Q41, V38). I knew I needed to focus in improving my Quantitative section and started researching for online tools, since I thought I was lacking exam-like practice.

I used Magoosh mainly for its Quantitative section (did some Integrated Reasoning practice and checked the AWA videos as well).

I think one of its most important strengths is its Quantitative prractice section. The questions are just like what you will face during the test. This helped me become disciplined in the use of time (this was a problem during my first GMAT attempt).

The videos are excellent and really helped me understand the errors I had made and to become familiar with concepts. I think another advantage of the course is that the lessons focus in what is tested.

After using Magoosh for 1 month I took the exam again and scored 740 (Q48, V44). I think these were the best $100 I have spent.

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