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Magoosh has been splendid


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I am writing this review for Magoosh. Have been using it to get myself on track in Verbal. The difficulty rating with the explanations provided is really amazing. Their 'Very Hard' questions need definitely eye for detail and helps you develop that instinct to answer the tough GMAT questions. The timer and customizable practice quizzes helps one develop accuracy with speed. Admist all the work and loss of questions, I definitely look to Magoosh to keep me engaged and on track in Verbal and Quant sections. Nonetheless, having said all the cherry stuff, I do believe that Magoosh can make the Quant section a bit tougher. I have tried other company's questions for Maths and they seemed more tougher and tuned to Gmatprep practices tests. Nevertheless, this is certainly a must have for all GMAT takers.

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