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I would like to thank Magoosh Team for their incredible support and course!

I am a non-native. My last GMAT score was 630 (Q: 49, V-26). However, my simulation scores on the GMAT software were 710 and 730 so I believed that I could do better.

I used Magoosh for both Quant and Verbal but I spent 80% of my time on Verbal.

Sentence Correction Module: Covers all the topics quite well. I recommend that one use Manhattan Book along with the course. It covers basic as well as advanced modules.

Critical Reasoning Module: I went through the module and it summarizes everything for you. I find that for critical reasoning pre-thinking is the key so I worked on changing my approach whilst attempting the question.

Reading Comprehension: This is the first time I gave importance to RC as I always believed that this skill was something too hard to be improved. However, the module guides you how to attempt a question (Pre-thinking) and was very helpful in streamlining my approach.

Quant: I have never had any issues with the Quant and I believe that Magoosh's Quant section is very good if you are aiming at scoring high score.

Support: Their support is incredible!! You can't beat that! before this attempt, I used e-GMAT's support, which is basically discouraging and not helpful at all. e-GMAT would make you travel a mile before they even try to address your question. They would force you to post your questions on third party forums before they even look at the question. Having said that, e-GMAT's content is good but the support makes me feel that I don't want to deal with them for number of reasons.

Value for money: Can I give Magoosh more than 100%? Is so, then pick that number yourself!

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