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I took the 9 week GMAT course with Reed Arnold at Manhattan Prep's Chelsea location. I highly recommend the course and highly recommend Reed specifically! I improved by over 100 points and got accepted into both of the schools I applied for. The course is great if you are busy and working because they essentially lay out the study plan for you and force you to dedicate to it. Before I took the course, I found myself too busy to be efficient in my studying. The course also comes with the Official Guide (the OG) which is great and a must have for studying. I frankly did not use the foundation books or the other smaller study books the course provides you with. I know most of the class did, however. I was on a fast track and taking the test one week after the course ended though so I cut to the chase and just used the OG and the practice tests. The homework from the course is great as well, they select questions from the OG for you to do - keeps you on track. Reed was my instructor and I think he really made the difference. He's very energetic and surprisingly funny. This is wildly helpful when you haven't studied in years and need to be forced to pay attention. Highly recommend!

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