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Private Tutoring with Ryan McGorman


After struggling to improve my GMAT score on my own, I decided to try private tutoring sessions with Ryan. Ryan helped me make great strides towards hitting my goal score by breaking down problems and material to their core. While I knew nearly all of the content in the Manhattan Prep guidebooks I couldn't seem to apply all of the information to problems until Ryan came along. Ryan has an uncanny ability to make GMAT material, which can often be dry and boring, fun and engaging. He also helped put certain problems into a context that I could more easily understand by drawing relevant analogies or even employing certain voices and characters in problems to more easily illustrate what was going on in a problem. In doing so, Ryan created several eye-opening moments for me. My favorite quality about Ryan is how he challenges you in tutoring sessions. Even if I got a question right, Ryan would force me to explain WHY it was right and other answer choices were wrong. It sounds simple, but being able to articulate why exactly certain answer choices are wrong can be tough but super rewarding. By painfully going through that exercise with Ryan, I started to recognize certain patterns and traps in problems, particularly on CR. In only a few sessions Ryan helped me raise my overall GMAT score by 60 points. Ryan is extremely smart, patient, understanding, entertaining, and can help anybody improve their score on the GMAT. If anybody is considering taking a 9-week M. Prep course or Private Tutoring, I fully endorse Ryan and his teaching abilities. Ryan will do everything in his power to help you reach or surpass your target score and will make the whole process fun and insightful.

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