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Advanced Live Online with Mark


Improvement 80 Points

Course Manhattan Prep GMAT Manhattan Prep Live Online

Instructor Mark Sullivan

Location Online

This course is set up for 5 classes for students who have already achieved a 650 or higher and want to excel into the 700s. I suggest already being familiar with the Manhattan methods to some degree (self study the books or take their other classes), but it’s not 100% necessary as it is all covered in details.

This course was perfect for me. Extremely detailed step by step, problem by problem schedule. A complete roadmap for success. You have a main path to follow with plenty of optional work to fill in gaps. Trust in the program, forget everything you know and do the test the way they teach you and you’ll crush it.

Mark specifically is very engaging. The online atmosphere quickly feels like you are in person. He is polite and very responsive to individual questions during class and after. Cannot tell you how impressed I was with an online class.

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