June 25, 2015

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I bought three separate MBA prep books in the year before I decided to take the plunge and actually apply to business school. I read those all the way through and took notes, wrote up lists. But at the end of the day when confronted with essay questions I was stumped. In spite of all of the prep and knowledge and I literally had huge writers block and just couldn't get my fingers to start typing anything at all. I hired SBC fairly quickly after that on the referral of a friend and working with Meredith was pretty much a miracle. She got the stories out of me, and showed me what was the most important to emphasize in my applications. We rapidly pulled together rough essay outlines and the writers block disappeared. I really appreciated her no-nonsense, pragmatic and calm approach to guiding me. She knew what she was doing and held my hand all the way through. I give her huge props for dealing with my moments of panic and giving me very definite answers, which cleared up the fog of overwhelm. Even though SBC has a book, I now recommend burning all MBA prep books, esp the big fat Bible that was a huge waste of time - they don't get to what you really need which is fleshing out your personal story. So a huge thank you to Meredith and SBC - my journey was successful - at times painful, at times even fun, but definitely a lot better than it would have been minus Meredith. FIVE STARS!!

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