May 18, 2019

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Great Quant step-by-step teaching


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Course Manhattan Prep GMAT MGMAT Interact

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This is almost exclusively Quant review, as I spent little time studying verbal.

Overall quant improvement: 41 to 49 in about 125 hours of work.

-Trust: Reason I chose MGMAT is that they're a trusted resource. There're so many new companies that're entering the GMAT resource scene and I didn't want to dedicate an hour to studying poorly. MGMAT has been around for a long time and this trust paid off.
-Basics: Awesome math fundamentals guides. I needed help with that and the lessons/exercises were great.
-Rubric: I needed guidance on what to study when. The interact rubric provided exactly that: what to read, what exercises to do, what further reading and exercises you can do if you need more help with a specific subject.
-"Navigator" - This is the error log, timer, and answers to OG questions they provide you. This was an amazing tool that I didn't know about before I bought Interact, but was essential to my improvement.
-App: great resource for more math exercises and questions similar to OG.

-2019 Q/V OG revew are not in the MGMAT navigator.
-No specific guidance. I think tutors can be helpful if you need guidance, I did fine without that by using these forums to help guide my focus once I plateaued.

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