October 30, 2015

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mbaMission's experience and insight is invaluable.

- Did you enjoy the process?
Let's be honest, this is not a fun process. If you were going hiking into unfamiliar territory, you had to navigate the terrain and obstacles, communicate with the locals, and were already committing $150k and two years to the journey, why would you not spend the additional $5k to hire a guide?

This was hands down the best decision I made. My only regret was not doing it earlier in the process.

- Was it stressful?
Yes. I wasn't comfortable sharing personal information with the business school but my consultant pushed me outside my comfort zone and I am sure that is part of the reason I was accepted.

- Were they helpful?
Unbelievably. Their insight and advice is invaluable.

- Did they meet your expectations? Why or why not?
I had no idea what to expect but I worked incredibly hard, laid all my cards out on the table and was able to gain admission.

- Would you recommend them? Why or why not?
It would be unwise not to hire mbaMission.

I've heard other consulting agencies are not worth it. mbaMission is not one of those agencies. Do you yourself a favor and speak with their team to learn more.

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