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Naive about the process, but Rachel saved the day


Whether you think you need a consultant or not, everyone, and I mean everyone, should at least have a free consultation. There is no special formula to guarantee admission, but having someone with experience is invaluable. I truly believe that Rachel and I put together my best possible candidacy.

This isn't Rachel's first rodeo and mbaMission definitely takes notes on attributes, application approaches and experiences that has made past candidates successful - so when Rachel makes a suggestion, it comes with insight and knowledge that only someone with experience can provide. It's OK to disagree with Rachel and she is very open to your opinion, but at the same time trust her.

The application process is a marathon, not a sprint, and you two are a team. Rachel takes time to fully digest your life story - from childhood to the time of your candidacy - in order to highlight themes, interesting facts and other strong points. In order for you two to be successful at putting together your best application, the appropriate time is needed for the process to work. Rachel maintains constant communication throughout the process to help guide you as you construct your application(s).

Interview preparation in general is awkward. No matter how bad you want cancel the Skype interview prep with Rachel, fight through it. Nailing the actual interview with the school is so important and there is a fine line between sounding like a robot - and having automated responses - and being well-versed in the practice of interviews. Rachel provides great advice on how to structure responses (yes, even the order for sub-bullets of a response) to help the response flow smoothly or tease future responses, which may help guide the interview in your favor.

Highly recommend reaching out to Rachel if you're new to the MBA application process. Also, starting the application process in April or May will help. You will be surprised how fast spots fill and how detailed this process will be. Most likely you will be working full-time through it all, so allow time for Rachel to do her work and try not submit a first draft a week before the deadline. Rachel and I had 10+ drafts on everything. I think the results from my applications are objective proof of the time and care that the team, Rachel and I, put into everything.

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