September 30, 2016

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Made it to Ivy League - Thanks to MBA Admit


I am not a native American and my first language is not english. I come from a very different academic system than in the US. I am currently working in the US and wanted to pursue an Executive MBA program. I appreciate just how important your overall application is for an EMBA program as applicants generally tend to have a higher work experience and hence, bringing out your story, your trajectory, your performance, through the essays is very crucial. I called Dr. Shel when I was looking out for an admission consultant and I knew it then that I would want her guidance and support through the process. She is a very genuine person. There are no false promises at all and conversations are very honest and very authentic. You can evaluate that she comes with a number of years of experience when you first speak with her. I was looking to apply to 2 top 10 schools and I got through both of them. Dr Shel was patient with all my questions, very approachable, very responsive and most importantly very flexible since she appreciated I am a working professional and timing could be a constraint sometimes. She helped me strategize, think of the bigger picture, and at the same time think about and bring out all the small achievements to my application. When I read my essays, I realized there was so much in there I would have missed out on if it was not for Dr. Shel. We tend to take some of our achievements for granted but because of her experience in this field, Dr Shel knows how business schools look at applications and what is important to them. I strongly recommend her to be your adviser. She will give you personal attention and work together with you to construct a meaningful, impactful story

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