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Amazing product with thorough resources to succeed.


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Very thorough course that it split up into sections based on types of questions and skills needed to succeed. This helps fine tune specific skills and understand weakness areas to focus on.

Would make the product better:

I think the course was a little dense in the sense of it taking quite a while. A lot of that was it being a little wordy.

Such a great and thorough class that really explores every area of the GMAT Focus. I started this class with little knowledge of how the test worked or what it would be asking, and after going through TTP I felt totally confident and prepared to succeed. My score went from a 575 to a 645 in 6 months! I would recommend, and be sure to track mistakes to get the most out of it.

I would emphasize that this course takes 100+ hours to complete, and trying to do it any faster than this will not be helpful. Be sure to be thorough! Best of luck.

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