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One of the best tests for your GMAT PREP.


I got my subscription to MGMAT tests with a purchase of MGMAT Sentence correction guide. Each MGMAT book contains a 32 digit code which can be used to access the tests.

MGMAT tests are one of the best tests available in the market. They are a notch tougher than the real GMAT which makes it worth practicing with.

Quant- MGMAT quant is one of the toughest quant tests out there. The difficulty level of the questions is much higher than the GMATPREP or even the actual GMAT. I always ran out of time while practicing MGMAT tests which never happened on the GMATPREP tests. Secondly I felt that the quant questions on the MGMAT tests involved intensive calculation. However practicing higher difficulty questions definitely prepares you well for the actual test.

Verbal- I felt the verbal section was a level below the actual GMAT. There were a few SC and CR questions with which I didn’t agree with but overall nice and challenging questions. RC was definitely tough and more often included long passages. Overall a decent practice.

Post test analysis- I loved this part as they give you a nice detailed analysis of your test which helps the test taker evaluate their tests in details and MGMAT has great explanations for all the questions which helps the test taker improve their weak areas.

Scoring Algorithm- I normally scored between 650-730 on the MGMAT tests. My low scores were mainly because of low quant score. But the algorithm is still better than most GMAT prep Companies and close to the GMAT PREP tests.

Overall I think the practice tests are great.

Word of advice- Do purchase the MGMAT Sentence correction guide as it is a great guide to learn all the SC concepts and the guide will also give you access to the MGMAT tests.

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