February 19, 2021

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Manhattan prep - Prepare for worse.


So, I've been using Manhattan for quite a while along with other gmat prep tests, such as Veritas, Gmatclub, gmatprep, kaplan, but I found Manhattan test to be more closer to actual gmat test.
Their algorithm is quite unique, i really doubt if actual gmat uses same algorithm but for sure the test of test matches with actual gmat test (I am a retaker), when it comes to verbal.
While for quant, there's a different story. Out of all the tests I've tried, I found manhattan quants level on slightly higher side. so someone scoring a 46-47 in manhattan can easily score 49-50 in actual test. That's what i liked about these test that they prepare you for the worst.
Try solving all 6 tests and use their analysis tool to analyse your weak areas. It's really helpful.

Thank you!

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