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Verbal Scholarnium


I started my preparation for GMAT in the month of December'16. By the end of December, I had completed most of the verbal study material and had built my concepts in SC, CR and RC. I was doing quite well at SC as it is based on clarity of certain rules, meaning and grammar and finally, their repeated application to different questions. I was also doing a decent job at RC by scoring somewhere around 80% of the questions correctly. The only area that pained me the most was CR. After a certain point, I had given up and was not able to understand how to improve on this particular section. Also, a challenge that GMAT throws at students is that there is a limited set of official questions available and once those questions are exhausted, you remember the logics behind most of them. My confidence was getting even lower because I had not started timing my practice sessions since I wanted to reach a minimum accuracy level in all the three sections before putting my skills to test while sitting on a time bomb.

That's when I felt the need to buy a good practice source for more such quality CR questions(and by quality I mean as close to official questions as possible). I read e-gmat Scholarnium's reviews on the GMAT club forum, Quora and certain other forums and also attended a webinar around the same. I felt the product to be fairly helpful to most of its buyers. And I couldn't thank those people more as I found the whole experience to be extremely relevant and conducive to improve my critical reasoning skills. I started with the lecture videos and practiced the quiz questions that followed after the lessons. Those 5-10 questions based on specific types will help you categorize the question type and start thinking on the lines of that specific question.

More than the concepts, the 200 problems with different difficulty levels definitely help you define a certain level of accuracy for the CR section when the questions are of all the difficulty levels(as asked during the actual test). I did create some custom quizzes towards the end of the preparation and reviewed all the questions properly. An advice to all the GMAT aspirants would be to put enormous time on building concepts and skills rather than rushing for the timed practice/mock tests. 10 mock tests(40 hours) won't help you gain as much as 40 hours of practice and reviews. Scholarnium is a brilliant tool to understand concepts and improve their application to problems. I can surely recommend this product to anyone who wants to practice more and improve at verbal.

I scored a 730 on the actual test
Breakup; V39 and Q50

All the best to all the GMAT aspirants. Please reach out in case of any specific questions.

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