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IE GAT 2018 Paper and Online version

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Joined: 22 Nov 2016
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IE GAT 2018 Paper and Online version  [#permalink]

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New post 09 Aug 2018, 08:17
Hey everyone,

I´m posting this here because when I was looking for this information I couldn't find it anywhere, and now that I´ve done the test, I´ve decided to share some information with the rest of you to help with the process.

So when applying to IE, you could choose between doing either the GMAT/GRE or the IE General Aptitude Test (IEGat). The IEGat is free, so if you haven´t done the GMAT/GRE yet, I suggest signing up for this.

The IEGat test comes in two formats, the Online bases exam, or on paper. The new policy I believe is to give the online format.
However, I happened to take both types which is uncommon but due to my particular situation, I was given both styles.

For the online type exam, you will need to bring in your own laptop, a calculator and pencils if you need to write on scrap paper to solve some questions (this wasn't very necessary in my case)
The paper based exam, you will need some pencils a calculator and scrap paper (I did need these this time)
The two exam come very differently.

Lets start with the Online test. It is separated into timed sections and once you finish each section you can take a little break before you continue on to the next.

Section 1 is Graphic Numerical Reasoning - the give you a set of tabs with different graphs on each tab, then a question based off of one of these tabs - you´ll need to find which graph this question is referring to and answer with either choosing ¨True¨ ¨Falser ¨Cannot Say¨. you have around 15 minutes for 36 questions

Section 2 is Verbal Reasoning. You are also given tabs with information on each page about a company or something of the likes, and questions that need ¨True¨¨False¨or ¨Cannot Say¨answers and again, you'll need to find the relevant tab to each question. 49 questions in 12 minutes

***You Are NOT Expected To Answer All Questions, Try To Answer As Many As Possible Correctly.***

Section 3 is Applied Numeracy questions about distances, areas of shapes, conversions of distances, etc... multiple choice so you have to solve and get an exact answer. 20 questions in 16 minutes

Section 4 Deductive Logical Thinking - they give you a pattern and symbols that change the pattern and you have to associate which symbol aligns with which change. These are difficult to study for, but you can practice with some online examples. around 5 minutes, not sure how many questions there were but around 10.

Section 5 is Inductive Logical Thinking where they show you 6 diamonds with numbers or lettering patters inside them, each 3 are share a similar pattern and are labeled with 2 different color to create 2 categories. You are then given 4 extra not categorized diamonds with some number letter patter that are similar to the 6 above and are asked to categorize each under the color label they correspond to.
12 questions here in 12 minutes

The 6th section is called Information Handling - you are given a company email with incoming email messages from several people. you are given tasks and rules to follow (ex, Flag an email red if it is about CROSSFIRE project, Forward an email to Bob if it is about X etc...)
You have 15 minutes to prioritize and process these emails. Nothing to study for here before hand, they just want to see your prioritizing style and speed.

Section 7 is probably the most fun of them all. It´s called Creativity. This section doesn't have right or wrong answers. You are given a drawing board with a side panel with 4 shapes, a trapezoid, triangle, circle and square. In the middle drawing panel you have a permanent shape they have given you. Your task is to add at least one shape to the given shape (there is no maximum shapes you can add) and create something, and give it a title.
for example: They may give you a triangle and you can add a square to the bottom of it and call it a house. You can adjust the size and angle of each shape-even the given one.
You´re given 15 minutes for this section.

Total of around 87 minutes to complete this exam if you don´t take breaks between each section.

The paper based test goes back and forth between a mix of numerical and verbal reasoning questions together and logical thinking.
You are given a passage and some graphs related to the passage, and 9 questions that are a mix of numerical and verbal reasoning. Questions are multiple choice (not true or false), and you are to calculate and find the answers. Some questions may have more than 1 right answer

Then you are given Logical Reasoning, (similar to that of the online version) around 6 per section.
4 sections of numerical/verbal reasoning, 4 sections of logical thinking.

Total of 60 questions in 80 minutes.


I felt I had benefits from practicing on JobTestPrep for the paper version of the test, but not much for the online version. JobTestPrep is more similar to the paper based style because it has multiple choice answers but doesn't help you practice the ¨True¨ ¨False¨ ¨Cannot Say¨ style. This style is more difficult than finding a numerical answer. You have to deduct and understand the graphs and what they are saying on a deeper level to be able to say if the question is valid or not. Not to say you will no benefit from JobTestPrep for the computer based test, maybe reviewing graphs and analyzing them will help you practice calculating from graphs.

It did benefit me in terms of practicing math, and getting my head back in that realm again though for the computer based test. but WAY more so for the paper based test.

I really hope this was helpful to you all. It is very likely what I got on the online version of the test might not be the same for you, but this is just so you have an idea what has come in previous exams, and this was my experience.

Best of Luck with it!
Joined: 27 Jun 2018
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Re: IE GAT 2018 Paper and Online version  [#permalink]

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New post 10 Aug 2018, 06:35
Hey.. thanks for sharing the information.
How come you took the exam in both the formats? and if an option is there to choose which would you recommend?
Joined: 15 Apr 2018
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Re: IE GAT 2018 Paper and Online version  [#permalink]

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New post 06 Sep 2018, 20:39
Thank you for the information!

I'm expected to take the exam later on this month and this really helps. It seems like they haven't really converted to computer-based test yet, because I was told I'll be taking the paper version of the test.
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Re: IE GAT 2018 Paper and Online version   [#permalink] 06 Sep 2018, 20:39
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IE GAT 2018 Paper and Online version

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