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I would highly recommend Scott at Personal MBA Coach. Apart from his vast knowledge of MBA programs he has a wealth of knowledge about various industries which really helps to craft compelling stories. I had a non-traditional background and Scott spent a lot of time helping me to develop a story that both made logical sense and aligned with my target career path.

Scott really pushes you to make your essays the best that they can be; he’s tough in his critiques but at the same time encouraging. Sometimes I would get his essay reviews back and think to myself “I can’t do that” but he would keep pushing until I got there – even if it was 5 or 6 revisions.

Scott was always accessible; Personal MBA Coach promises a reply within 48 hours, but I never waited more than 24 hours for a response to any question or essay analysis. One morning I emailed Scott that I hit a roadblock in my essays and he immediately setup a phone call for a few hours later.

Unlike other consulting firms where you could be assigned to a junior consultant, working with Scott you know exactly what you are getting – the best!

Scott gets to know you well early on in the process and it’s clear that he shares in your success. I was accepted to my first choice school and he was (almost) as thrilled as I was!

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