April 25, 2016

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Bad experience


This is a comment valid for all the test centers. Please be aware that after the check in after your break the persons fro the test center must go to your computer to insert their own passwrd.
I had a bad exerience in Lisbon, where the test center where full, and the people from the testcenters did not insert their passwrod on my computer. What happen was i had to wait, as the employees where check in other people. this action just cost me 2 minutes of my exam.
Also, on the break at lunch time, they have few people supporting this exams and thus I tried to do my break when the only employee avaible went to the bathroom...
Moreveover, they dont carre about the noise and give instrutions to the candidates inside the test room.

You should avoid this center! At least, I hope they could improve after this comment.

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