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Improved service


I visited this test center two times so far. It is located at a business park in Espoo. Not difficult to find the place.

I give five star to facilities. There is wide variety of tea you can pick for yourself in the break. There are lockers for your stuffs and little food boxes for your snacks. Downstairs coffee place if you need to grab a fast snack or coffee before the exam.

Restroom was all right. I guess it would be nice to have at least two toilet. In case candidates have break the same time. Eight minutes isn't much.

I don't have a big head but the noise canceler is crazy tight. Pushing out all the knowledge I hardly gained :P

My first time test experience was far away from desired: I barely had my breaks. I needed to wait 2+minutes to be noticed when I wanted to go out. The girl handling check-in and check-out of candidates was not very prepared maybe she just started working there. One of the candidates got checked-in for the second part of the test with 2 minutes delay because she couldn't find the administrating girl.

I feared that something similar will happen next occasion but because of the lack of choices in Finland and because of my poor result, I needed to go again. Surprisingly, for my second time, a much more efficient system has been developed. You could go out, administrative person was promptly available to check me out. and by the time I palm-checked in, the codes to enter the exam had been typed in my cp. Just needed to click continue. Way more efficient. Less stressful.

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