April 08, 2014

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Yes, hiring a personal MBA admissions consultant is expensive. However, in the grand scheme of things and what the MBA will ultimately cost, it's money well spent and I'm glad I did it.

Dan was very helpful in the essay writing process. He helped me brainstorm essay topics before writing - and, perhaps most importantly, he pushed me to take a risk in writing about something personal.

His feedback was always very prompt, which was helpful given that I was on a huge crunch due to a late start. His feedback was honest and direct - he highlighted the good parts as well as the parts that needed work. He was also ver helpful in helping cut words to meet the word count limits.

I also did a mock interview that was very helpful. He gave me good feedback and suggestions for improvement. It was also a good dry run. I was surprisingly nervous and it was good to get through those nerves when it "didn't count".

Lastly, the admissions process can be very overwhelming. It was helpful to have someone that knows the process and to help me navigate it.

I've applied to 2 schools. I've gotten into one and am waiting to hear back from the 2nd.

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