GMAT Course Review
Overall - Very good value
July 01 | 2013
     By Anonymous 18 0

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This review is for: Magoosh Premium
Location: Online

Particularly if you can catch a sale (I think they do end of month sales), Magoosh is a great value. The conent of the questions is pretty much on par with MGMAT and Kaplan questions from their text books.

The ability to actually test on the computer and have a more realistic similation of the test environment is great as compared to using a book.

Particularly on math, I found the video descriptions very good. The are very to the point, quick and clear. Verbal videos are by nature a little less useful, but this was where utilizing the email support was great.

I personally needed a big pick up on math, I did every question and most of the ones I missed twice. At the end of the day, I got the score I targeted.

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