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Best to buy self-study books


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Course Manhattan Prep GMAT Manhattan Prep Live Online

Instructor Stacey Koprince

Location Online

I found that self study was the most effective use of my time given limited time to study, so I stopped attending the online classes after a few classes. The only reason I purchased online courses was that my employer sponsored the purchase.
However, there are pros and cons to the classes, the pros being especially relevant if you have ample time and financial resources to spend on maximizing your GMAT score.

1. You learn different methods of approaching quant problems from peers. Some of the students in the classrooms occasionally had very creative shortcuts to approaching a quant problem, which I would not have otherwise known to take because they were not the approaches Manhattan GMAT taught.
2. You can ask submit questions and get them answered immediately.
3. You are given a set schedule for class and therefore more incentivized to study.
4. It is a virtual classroom, so you can do the dishes or fold laundry on the side if the concept being explained is already familiar to you.
5. The teachers are actually GMAT rockstars.

1. Proficiency levels of students in the same virtual classroom are different, so the teacher may spend a lot of time explaining concepts you already know.
2. You are not actually spending the 2 hours (or however long each session is) practicing the GMAT. If each class is 2 hours, you could have finished more than half an entire practice GMAT in the same amount of time.
3. Most if not all of the concepts/strategies taught in the course are already covered in the Manhattan GMAT prep books.

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