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Amazing Experience with Jen Kedrowski


I was hesitant about hiring an admission consultant due to the cost, but decided to sign up for the three-school package after speaking to some of my colleagues and friends. Working with Jen was one of the best decisions I made throughout my MBA application process and I am confident I would not have been admitted to my top choice program if it wasn’t for Jen’s guidance and encouragement. I come from a non-traditional background and Jen took the time to understand my story, helping me develop a competitive application.

From the beginning, Jen invested time to really understand my background and experience, which was extremely helpful as we started to review my application essays. Jen was honest and would let me know if she thought a section of application needed improvement. Her support, insight, and genuine personality made the application process less chaotic and working with her was enjoyable. Each email or phone call I had with Jen made feel better about the application process. She truly cares about the people she works with and even took the time to reach out to me when I was impacted by Hurricane Irma (I live in Florida).

Jen’s turnaround and response time are incredible and she would provide detailed recommendations and advice within a couple of days. This was especially helpful when I received an invitation to interview. Due to my interviewer’s availability, my interview was in three days and Jen scheduled a mock interview the next day to ensure I was fully prepared. Her guidance and advice was a major value throughout my application process and I highly recommend Jen to anyone applying to an MBA program.

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