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Kate is awesome - Highly recommended!


Overall, I had a very pleasant experience with Kate and a very satisfactory outcome. Kate worked very hard to ensure the success of my applications and I found my entire application process very engaging and stimulating (in a good way!).

Kate was referred to me by a close friend who worked with her two years ago. My first impression was reassuring - Kate appeared knowledgeable, chill, and most importantly, not as aggressively/unrealistically optimistic as some other consultants I had spoken with.

I decided to go with her for the two-school package in Round 2. That was a decision that I am very glad about.

There are three areas where I personally found most helpful from Kate. First, I was working full-time in a demanding job and taking care of a toddler at home - so Kate's game plan for my application journey at the beginning of the engagement was super helpful. We would schedule turnarounds way ahead of time and I would work hard to meet all of our internal deadlines. By the end, I did not feel rushed and I felt that I had enough time to review everything multiple times. Second, the initial brainstorming session/documentation was very helpful. I indeed spent a lot of time creating that document (spent more than 10 hours), but it turned out to be the most helpful document - from finding topics for the essays to preparing stories for the interviews. Finally, Kate is very good at materializing my one-off ideas - there were a few instances when had some random ideas that I would like to include in my applications but could not find a good place to do so. Kate was always able to propose a few alternatives and one of them would fit well with the rest of my materials.

As said in the title, I will recommend Kate to anyone who is interested in applying.

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